FAQ - Temporary Woodway School Location 2017-18

Dear Mountlake Terrace Elementary Families,

As we move closer to the end of the school year, I want to give you some clear information about the 2017-2018 school year.

  • Are we getting a new school?

  • Yes, We are getting a new school building!  Here is the timeline:

    • 2016-2017 (this year)- our last year in our current building

    • 2017-2018 (next year)- We will all move to the former Woodway Elementary.  During this year, our current school will be torn down, and our new school will be built.

    • 2018-2019- we will all return to our current site to move into our brand new school!

  • Can I visit the site?

  • Yes!  We encourage you to visit the school with your kids- to check it out, play on the playground, and get comfortable with the 1-year change. There is no other school program there at this time.

  • Who will move?

  • ALL MTE students and staff will move to the school.  While we are there, it will be renamed “Mountlake Terrace Elementary.”  It is a new place, but it will be OUR school.

  • Do I need to enroll my child or fill out any paperwork?

  • No, if your child is enrolled at our school, they will continue to be enrolled in the new location.  There is no paperwork for you to complete.

  • Woodway is a long way away.  Can I move my child to another school?

  • You can always request a transfer to a different school through the Edmonds School District. Transfers are only approved in rare circumstances. The Edmonds School District works to assure neighborhood kids a place in their local, neighborhood schools. I highly recommend that you stay with Mountlake Terrace Elementary through this transition.  This will be a change, but it will also be a learning experience for our children.  All of their familiar adults, and their friends will be in the new location.  Moving to Woodway for a year is a part of the joy of having a new Mountlake Terrace Elementary in the future.  

  • How will my child get there?

  • ALL of our MTE students will have bus service.  New bus stops will be established for students who currently walk or ride bikes to school. Routes and times will be communicated to you over the summer. I highly recommend that you take advantage of this service.  Of course, families can also drive their children to school.

  • Will we still have PE, music, lunch, library, our art program, etc?

  • All of the programs found in our current school will be at the Woodway site.  It’s a different building- that will be the only major difference.  Kindergarten Jump Start will also happen again- it will be our first event at Woodway!

  • Will we still have school events?

  • Yes!  Our school community is about our students, families, and staff- not the building.  We plan to have the same all-school events.  We also hope to have a Back to School event in the fall, prior to the first day of school so that everyone can see the new place before the first day back.  Some events may change, and our PTO is looking at how to make their events successful in the new location, but much more will remain the same.  

  • What about after-school care?

  • This is a worry for many families.  Kids Krew (Mountlake Terrace Recreation and Parks) will continue to be at the Pavilion for another year, due to space concerns at Woodway.  We are working with transportation and other daycares to see how to work out some transportation issues.  We know this is a worry, and we’re working on it.  We hope to have better answers for you soon.  

  • How will everything get moved?

  • Our staff is packing right now, and they will continue through the end of the school year.  Then a moving company will move everything to the new site, ready for teachers to unpack in August.  It’s quite a process- every ball, book, and bike will be moved!

  • I have great memories of our current 1959 school. I’m sad!

  • There is so much history at this school, and many people have mixed emotions.  We are planning a MTE Reunion that will occur as a part of our Annual PTO BBQ and Egg Drop on Friday, June 9.  The Reunion will begin at 5PM, followed by the BBQ and Egg Drop from 6-8.  We invite all of our current and former staff, students, and families to this event.  This will be a wonderful time to share stories and memories, and to say goodbye to our old school.  More information will follow.

Thank you everyone!

Doug Johnson, Principal

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